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Madrichim - Madrichim serve as role models for our students, assistants to our teachers and essential help at The Temple-Tifereth Israel Learning Center. To be eligible for the Madrichim program you must attend Chai Learning with consistent attendance. 7th grade students who attend our Chai Learning program on Sundays are NOT eligible to be madrichim on Sundays. As a madrich/a, there are opportunities to work Saturdays, Sundays, or Wednesdays. Madrichim assist in learning spaces, the office or as specialists.
-Madrichim Orientation - Wednesday, August 28th 5:00-8:00pm. First time   madrichim will meet at 5:00pm, returning Madrichim will join us at 6:00pm. Dinner provided.
Compensation -  First year madrichim are not monetarily compensated. We will gladly sign any forms you may have to fulfill your community service hours for school or programs. Second year madrichim and above have the option to be paid. Madrichim receive compensation for the session they work (not by the hour).

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(If asked to leave,suspended or expelled from any school, camp or extracurricular activity, there will be a meeting with the Director of Youth Engagement and Director of Learning to discuss the situation and create an individualized plan if necessary. Answering yes does not exclude application from consideration.)

Yes, able to attend 75%
No, not able to attend 75%
My child will arrive 10 minutes before class begins, and will stay 5 minutes after class to help wrap up at the end of the day.
I understand that as a Madrich/a my child is a role model to students and a responsible teammate to the teacher, therefore weekly and punctual attendance is crucial.
If my child cannot make it, they will let Jamie Collins and their teacher know the week before their absence.

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