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2022/2023 Membership Recommitment Form

As we move into our next membership year on July 1, we ask that you recommit to our congregation to ensure that The Temple remains strong for years to come. Our Temple Board of Directors recently unanimously approved an operating budget for the upcoming year with no increase in membership dues and only a small increase to our security fee. Remember, membership dues should never be a burden and we look to ensure that it is possible for everyone to be a part of our congregation, regardless of financial circumstances. To learn more, please reach out to Membership Director, Allison Shippy at 216-455-1703 or ashippy@ttti.org. Thank you for your continued and valued membership in The Temple-Tifereth Israel.


We are pleased to offer you many payment options, including paying in full today, making a partial payment today with a payment plan, or simply indicating your membership recommitment and setting up a future payment schedule.

Please let us know when we can expect the second payment (before 4/30/23).

If "Yes", choose one of the Dues Payment Options below.

Deferred Dues Payment Options - If you have chosen to set up a payment schedule for your entire amount, please complete one of the options below:

Payment date must be before 12/31/22.

1st payment date by 11/1/22 and 2nd payment date by 4/30/23.

I would like to make four equal payments in July, October, January, and April.
I would like to make equal monthly payments July through April

Thank you for being a part of our Temple family! We value your commitment and participation in our congregation. If you would like to discuss your membership, explore new ways to engage at The Temple, or otherwise want to connect, please contact Allison Shippy, Director of Membership Services, at ashippy@ttti.org or 216-455-1703.

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