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Financial Re-Commitment Form

The Temple-Tifereth Israel
Financial Support - Payment Options
(Please complete all sections and please make sure that you have your statement handy)

It is time to renew your connection with The Temple by completing and submitting this Recommitment form. This simple act indicates that you want to remain a part of our Temple family. This also give you the opportunity to update your current contact information as well providing your annual payment plan for the new year. When we receive your completed form, we will update your membership record and your High Holy Day tickets and/or Learning Center enrollment eligibility will be confirmed.


We are pleased to offer you many payment options. Choices 1 - 4 are if you are making a full or partial payment today. Choice 5 is if you are not making a payment today.

Please let us know when we can expect the second payment (before 4/30).

If "Yes", choose one of the Dues Payment Options below.

Dues Payment Options - If you answered "Yes" to Choice #5 please choose or complete one of the 4 options below:

Payment date must be before 12/31 of the current year.

1st payment date by 11/1 current year and 2nd payment date by 4/30 following year.

I/We would like to make four equal payments in July, October, January, and April.
I/We would like to make equal monthly payments July through April
Life Partner
Married/Engaged (please enter date of marriage below, if married)

U.S.P.S. (snail mail)
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Please have a Membership Committee member reach out to me/us to discuss my/our connection to The Temple
Temple Clergy
Member Services Director
Temple Learning Director

OUR VISION: We are a warm, welcoming synagogue family where each person matters. We cherish our rich history and traditions and foster a dynamic culture of imagination and innovation. Members of all ages find meaning and inspiration by developing enduring personal connections with each other, Torah, God, the State of Israel, and the Jewish People, and through acts of justice and compassion.

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